Bean of a Tree Coffee Co. cares a great deal about the environment, we’re actively looking for ways to decrease our environmentally damaging footprint, here are our achievements and also our downfalls, which are an equally important tool for improvement.


The Good:

Biodegradable Coffee Bags

We are really excited to be offering our coffee in bio-degradable coffee bags, with a corn starch zip lock in the smaller bags and corn starch one-way valve on all of our bags. We source these EarthBags™.

The bag itself will begin to break down shortly after it has been placed into an environment where micro organisms are thriving, like a compost heap. After 7 months, the bag should be fully decomposed.

Biodegradable bags made by Econic are biodegradable, excluding the one-way valve.

Paper bags are made of recycled paper and are recyclable.


Our bag labels are made from recycled paper & are recyclable.


We use 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper or Victory Paper at our office, the latter is made from 100% plantation fibre, is elemental Chlorine free and the company re-use & reduce water usage during manufacture.


The Bad:

Econic Bag Valve

The best bag we could find has a regular plastic valve. We are looking for a local company who manufactures biodegradable bags to replace these. But in the meantime, we supply our Sydney based wholesale customers with re-usable food grade plastic containers.

Petroleum based inks

We’re seeking a local supplier for soy or vegetable based inks and this is a top priority.

Non-biodegradable label glue

We’ve been told that our labels are “recyclable”, but we’re just going to assume that the glue still needs to be removed at the recycling plant. This is also a top priority for us and hope to find a suitable water based label glue or direct printing to the bag with vegetable based inks.

Label backing sheet

Finding a solution to these “recyclable” labels is obviously a priority for us, but for the moment, we’ll have to make do with what we’re able to source locally. These labels come with a plastic lined backing sheet and are not marked as recyclable.

Carbon neutrality

At this point in time we do not offset our carbon footprint and our electricity supplier is not carbon neutral. We aim to change this as soon as financially feasible.